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    What Are the Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites?

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Often mistaken for booklice and carpet beetles, bed bugs are 5mm in length and typically live in mattresses and sofas. They can survive extreme temperatures and conditions, which makes them very difficult to control. In about 20 to 70 percent of bites, the bite leaves no visible effect. But other times, bed bug bites can cause a number of health effects, including skin rashes, blisters, small macular spots, noticeable bullae and wheals, and a central hemorrhagic spot. Sometimes symptoms do not appear until several days after the bites occurred. Other times, bed bug bites cause itching that lasts several days. Numerous bites can cause an erythematous rash or urticarial. Scratching the bites can cause a bacterial skin infection if the skin breaks. Bites are typically found on the arms, legs, and shoulders.

    Bed bugs can reduce your sleep quality and leave red and brown stains on your sheets. To take care of your bed bug problem, call Atkins Inc. at (573) 303-0559. We have 89 years of experience with pest control service in the Columbia, Missouri area. Visit our website for more information about our pest control and lawn maintenance services. 

    What You Need to Know About Summer Lawn Care

    Last updated 19 days ago

    With summer temperatures climbing in Missouri and around the country, lawns are browning and homeowners are wondering why. This summer, there are a number of things you should do if you want to foster a lush, green lawn. At Atkins Inc., our 89 years of experience has shown that the following summer lawn maintenance tips can go a long way to ensuring an attractive, healthy summer lawn.

    Fertilizing Frequency
    Many people have a first instinct to bring out the fertilizer whenever their lawn starts to brown, but it’s better to fertilize according to a set schedule. We usually recommend fertilizing a couple of times a year—once in spring and again in the middle of the summer. There are many different blends of fertilizers, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. For the best results, it’s best to have your lawn professionally evaluated by our lawn care professionals.

    Mowing the Lawn
    In the summer, let the lawn grow out a little bit longer. This will keep weed growth at bay and provide enough shade to cut down on water evaporation. For the best results, maintain your lawn mower regularly by keeping the blades sharp and balanced, cleaning the air filter, and removing any debris clogging the fins of the engine cover.

    Water early in the morning a couple of times per week so that your lawn has ample time to dry. Deep soaking provides sufficient water to the roots to help them grow. During the summer, lawns need about 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week, including both rainfall and sprinkler systems.

    For the best lawn care in the Columbia, Missouri area, call Atkins Inc. at (573) 303-0559. In addition to professional lawn care and pest control, we install automatic sprinkler systems. Visit our website to learn more about what we can do to make your yard beautiful this summer.

    What Are Paper Wasps?

    Last updated 25 days ago

    Seeing wasps in or near your home can be disconcerting. Not only do wasp stings hurt, but they can even cause a serious allergic reaction for some people. To learn more about paper wasps and to find out whether you need a professional pest control service to keep your wasp problem in check, read this article.

    Size and Color
    Paper wasps are about one inch in length. They are slender and have narrow waists with smoky black wings. Some paper wasps are brown with yellow on their head, thorax, and abdomen. But others are reddish-brown throughout. To avoid confusing paper wasps with yellow jackets or baldfaced hornets, look at their nest: If it is open and the cells are not covered with a cap, they are paper wasps.

    Life Cycle
    Paper wasps are social insects. Their colonies consist of workers, queens, and males. In the spring, workers build the nest from wood fiber and the queen lays the eggs. As the workers defend the nest and feed the young, the eggs hatch into larvae. Eventually the nest matures, at which point is has between 20 and 30 adults. Towards the end of the summertime, queens stop laying eggs and the colony begins to shrink. In the wintertime, the mated female offspring of the queen seek shelter for the winter.

    Pest Control
    Because paper wasps use wood and live plant stems to make their nests, it’s common to see plant and wood damage near a paper wasp nest. You will usually find nests around the home, especially areas that are close to plants. Their nest can be destroyed with a high-pressure spray, but precautions must be taken because they often attack any nearby people and pets if they sense that the nest is in danger.

    If you are concerned about a paper wasp problem, contact Atkins Inc. We have been offering pest control services in Columbia, Missouri and the surrounding areas since 1925. Browse our website to learn more about our pest control and lawn care services and our reputation for customer service and community spirit. For more information, call us at (573) 303-0559.

    Surprising News About Bee Sting Allergies

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Did you know that bee sting allergies could develop at any age, even if you were never allergic to bee stings before? Bee sting allergies can even be fatal, whether they are developed earlier or later in life. In fact, it is estimated that about three percent of Americans are allergic to bee stings and experience life-threatening reactions to them. To avoid a bee sting, experts say you should keep a lid on your garbage can, walk away slowly if you see a bee, and call a pest control expert if you notice high numbers of bees in or near your home or business.

    Atkins Inc. of Columbia, Missouri has nearly 90 years of experience in the pest control service industry. We also offer lawn maintenance and invisible pet fence installation. To have your home or business evaluated for a bee problem, call us at (573) 303-0559. And for more information about our pest control services, visit our website.

    Spotlight on Pillbugs

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Pillbugs, also known as woodlice, have a shell-like exoskeleton that they shed regularly as they grow. An invertebrate, pillbugs do not self-heat like birds and mammals, so the temperature of their environment correlates directly with their metabolic rate and their rate of respiration. The female pillbug keeps fertilized eggs on the underside of her body until they hatch, which gives the visual impression that she is giving birth to them. Pillbugs are not a very serious household pest, as they don’t cause damage or spread diseases. But pillbugs can attract other insects, and are usually associated with dampness problems inside the home.

    If you are bothered by a pillbug infestation in your home, schedule a pest control service with Atkins Inc. of Columbia, Missouri. We have more than 88 years of experience in the pest control industry, and even provide handyman services and lawn maintenance too. Call us at (573) 303-0559 or visit our website for more information.

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