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    A Look at the Risk of Pests in the Spring

    Last updated 6 days ago

    This year, spring begins on March 20th. As the weather grows warmer, pests that laid dormant or less active during the winter will emerge. Many of these springtime pests include ants, cockroaches, and spiders. If you find signs of these pests in your home, don’t wait—contact a pest control company to handle the issue as soon as possible to avoid a large-scale problem.

    Although cockroaches are less active during the winter, spring signals a resurgence in activity for these insects. Cockroaches often spend the winter in mulch or bark found in your yard; when the temperature rises, they are attracted to your home in search of food. You can also carry cockroaches home from grocery stores or farmers’ markets in your purse, backpack, or shopping bag. Cockroaches can be difficult to eliminate on your own, so call in a professional pest control service for help.

    Ants can set up a colony and multiply quickly, so signs of an ant infestation should be handled promptly. Winged carpenter ants may be mistaken for termites, which can also pose a serious threat to your home. If you aren’t sure which species of insect has moved into your home, contact a pest control expert to perform an inspection. The correct identification of the pests in your home will result in a more effective treatment solution to remove them.

    If you encounter multiple spiders in your home, it could be a sign of a larger problem. Spiders are predatory creatures that need a steady diet of insects to survive. When they take up residence in your home, it means there are other insects, such as ants, flies, or mosquitoes, present in large enough numbers to sustain a spider population.

    You can prepare your home for spring and protect your family from pests with help from Atkins, Inc. of Columbia. We specialize in a variety of services that include pest control, sprinkler system installation and maintenance, invisible pet fencing, and yard maintenance. Click through our website or call us today at (573) 303-0559 to learn more.

    What Attracts Rats to a Home?

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Many people believe that rats are only attracted to homes that are messy, dirty, or unsanitary. However, this stigma is not true. Rats are attracted to a home because it offers them the necessities of life: food, water, and shelter. These pests will enter and live in any area that provides them with ready sources of sustenance and protection from the elements or predators. In many cases, elements around the exterior of your home first attract rats. Clutter in your yard or dense, lush landscaping can cause rats to take notice of your home. Once on your property, rats can enter your home through a hole the size of a quarter in search of further sources of food, water, and shelter. Poorly-maintained siding, drains, and roofing can all allow rats to easily enter your home and create a colony.

    If you are concerned about rats or other pests in your Columbia home, Atkins, Inc. can help. We offer pest control, lawn maintenance, and handyman services to free your property of pests and keep it that way. You can reach us by calling (573) 303-0559 or clicking on our web contact form.

    Tips for Keeping Your Yard Safe for Your Dog

    Last updated 19 days ago

    Your pet is an important member of your family. Creating a pet-friendly yard takes only a few simple steps to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. Atkins Inc. is pleased to offer DogWatch hidden pet fencing in addition to our pest control and lawn care services to maintain the beauty of your yard while keeping your dog safe and happy outdoors. 

    Remove Dangerous Plants
    Some plants and weeds can be dangerous for your dog. Common plants that are toxic to dogs include English ivy, American bittersweet, foxglove, mums, holly, hydrangea shrubs, amaryllis, and aloe. While some of these plants only cause minor discomfort, some can cause significant health problems if ingested. Additionally, plants containing burrs or sharp thorns could cause skin irritation, scratches, or cuts if your dog is allowed to play unhindered in your yard.  

    Control Pests
    Pests are not only a problem for your home, but for your pets as well. Curious dogs may disturb anthills, wasps’ nests, and other insect homes, resulting in bites or stings. Long grass can harbor ticks or snakes that can pose a danger to your dog, while some toads are highly toxic to dogs. Keeping your lawn well manicured and scheduling regular pest control services will keep your yard free of dangerous pests and create a safer space for your dog.

    Fence Your Yard
    Enclosing your yard with a fence will keep your pet contained so he cannot wander into streets or other dangerous areas. Make sure any physical fence you install is high enough that your dog cannot jump over it and solid enough that your dog cannot slip through widely-spaced posts or bars.

    Atkins Inc. can help create a happy and safe environment for your family and your dog. We offer pet fencing installation, critter control, lawn maintenance, and pest elimination services throughout the Columbia area. Click through our website or call (573) 303-0559 to learn more! 

    How to Set Up a Free Consultation with Atkins

    Last updated 28 days ago

    Atkins Inc. has been serving the Columbia area since 1925 with pest control solutions, lawn maintenance, handyman services, and more. If you’re considering an Atkins service but would like to learn more, we’d love to provide you with a free, no-commitment consultation. All you’ll need to do is visit our website to fill out our online request form. Provide us with your name, address, email, phone number, and a little bit of information about your home to give us a better idea of your needs. You’ll also be able to check off the services you’d like information about, such as pest control, animal control, pet fencing, lighting, and watering solutions. Let us know whether you’d like us to call you or leave you a written estimate at your home, and we’ll take care of the rest!

    Are you interested in a lawn care, handyman services, pest control, or sprinkler system installation and maintenance in Columbia, Missouri? Contact Atkins Inc. today by calling (573) 303-0559 or filling out our online request form to help us help you! We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service in addition to knowledgeable and efficient residential and commercial property maintenance. 

    Busting Myths About Sprinkler Systems

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Are you considering installing a sprinkler system in your yard, but aren’t sure whether certain “facts” you’ve heard are true or false? It’s important to get the right information before installing a sprinkler system to ensure you are comfortable with your watering solution. Let Atkins Inc. help you make the right decision when it comes to watering your lawn for lush, beautiful landscaping you’ll love.

    Sprinkler Systems Waste Water
    Many people are hesitant to install a home sprinkler system because they believe such a system wastes rather than conserves water. However, this myth is not true: watering your lawn manually with a garden hose wastes more water than using a well-tuned sprinkler system. Sprinkler heads are designed to deliver water effectively and efficiently to reduce the amount of water you must use to keep your lawn healthy. You retain complete control over the amount of water you use and the duration of watering cycles so that you can fine-tune your water usage at any time.

    Sprinkler System Installation Will Tear Up My Lawn
    Atkins Inc.’s expert sprinkler technicians can install your entire sprinkler system with only minimal disruption to your lawn and landscaping. Our goal is to leave your yard exactly as we found it, offering a permanent and convenient watering solution that does not disturb the look or function of your yard.

    Sprinkler Systems Care for Themselves
    You will need to schedule regular maintenance of your sprinkler system to ensure it continues to work as it should. Your sprinkler system will also need to be winterized to prevent cold weather from damaging its components. However, Atkins Inc. can help you with these tasks so you won’t need to worry about caring for your investment on your own.

    Do you still have questions or concerns about installing a residential or commercial sprinkler system? Let the experts at Atkins Inc. provide you with the answers you need—call us today at (573) 303-0559 to schedule a consultation. You can find more lawn care facts and tips on our blog.

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